Currently, Prairie Summit Veterinary Services (PSVS) is located on the personal residence of Dr. Marsh and her family. The facility at this time includes a 1200 square foot primary office and small animal hospital located in the basement of the residence. This portion of the facility contains the office and small animal exam room, in house laboratory with full laboratory capabilities, surgical prep/treatment area, and surgical area. Additionally, PSVS carries a large inventory of prescription diet dog food (Prescription Diet, Royal Canin, and Purina) for retail sales.

At this time, PSVS has two large, fully-insulated hospitalization stalls in which all the in-house hospitalization (including fluid therapy and medical colic management) and foaling occurs. In those stalls, there are real-time cameras that link to a cell phone application where patients can be monitored from anywhere with cell-phone service. In addition to these stalls, multiple shelter runs and corrals are available. As we provide full breeding services, a breeding mount for collection of stallions is available as well as stocks for palpation/breeding of mares.

Our plans for the near future include a three-stall, fully insulated barn with laboratory/office, equine treatment area, and shoeing area. Additionally, we plan to renovate our office area to provide more room for hospitalization and treatment and hope in the near future have room for another staff veterinarian.